Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Ounce of Planning over a Pound of Spontaneity

I love being spontaneous- as long as I've planned for it ahead of time.

I'm actually not joking. I don't really like locking myself into plans weeks in advance and having to follow a strict schedule when it comes to fun, entertaining, vacations, or just good old leisure time. When the moment comes when I am able to relax and have fun, that's exactly what I want to do.

Which is exactly why I don't like complete spontaneity- it means I end up wasting too much of my hard-earned free time DOING, thinking, scurrying around- all while my husband and kids are already in vacation mode.

And as with most women, it falls on my shoulders in the family to make "spontaneous" seem effortless. I have to come up with exactly what we're going to do, how we're going to do it, and how everyone's going to have fun every second of the process. Everyone but me.

And spontaneity leads to overspending - we know that.

So I have found that the only way that I can enjoy something in the moment is if I have laid the groundwork for it ahead of time. Here are some of my favorite tips:

  • Entertaining: Why not simply have a "signature dish" that everyone anticipates when they come over, and just stick to that? Always have that stuff on hand, and never feel pressure to do more. Make it something you can freeze or that you simply open. Look for my upcoming blog on suggestions for what this "signature" style could be.

  • Saturday Mornings: My least favorite question in the world is, "What are we doing today?", the question I get around 10am every single Saturday morning. However, trying to plan something fun during the week for Saturday is met with apathy and irritiation. So, I literally keep a list of potential activities that are divided into good weather/bad weather/willing to travel. Then I let someone else make the decision.

  • Weekend Getaways: Same thing as Saturday mornings. Keep a wish list, complete with contact information and prices. I've found that this list is something my family enjoys talking about in advance, which ensures that any option we spontaneously choose will be popular with everyone.

  • Giving: BoldBold You know those magical women that show up on a neighbor's doorstep with a casserole the instant they hear of bad news? I've realized the only way I can become one of these women is with a deep freezer. You can stock up on quiches, pumpkin breads, or casseroles to give away in two ways: either donate an afternoon to batch cook a bunch of things to give away, or regularly make two of something when you're cooking for your family, and freeze one. Many more of my blogs will concentrate on easy, wasteless charitiable giving.

So let's all be more fun and spontaneous now that we can do it in a way that we might actually enjoy it ourselves!




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