Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"You Know Where the Bakery Is?"

I must have been in a very giving mood when all those sign-up sheets were passed around at the beginning of the school year. According to my email inbox, I signed up for every holiday volunteer opportunity possible – especially baking requests. Me. Bake.

The latest “friendly reminder” email came into my iPhone while I was waiting for a class at the gym. Apparently alarmed by the change in my breathing and appearance, my favorite work-out partner, a 90-year-old dynamo from New York, asked what was wrong. One minute and a thousand words later, I had explained the reasons for my stress.

She had one question: “You know where the bakery is?”

Huh. Yeah, I did.

I got rid of more than just my stress level by taking this amazing woman’s advice and going to the bakery (or buying slice-and-bake, as I ended up doing). I also let go of my ego.

The only reason I had for wanting to bake *homemade* cookies was not because I thought they’d be more appreciated by my 7-year-old clientele, but because I wanted people to say “wow- these are great cookies!” to my face, and “how does she do it all?” behind my back. Now, no one is going to say either of these, but the cookies will still be enjoyed, and that’s the point.

So let’s all look at our remaining holiday to-do list and see where our ego can be removed to make way for a more efficient, yet still excellent, final product. If the smile will be just as big on someone’s face by doing it the easy way, for Heaven’s sake, do it.

It just may put the smile back on yours!



kathryn said...

I completely agree. Choose your battles!! Saving time might sometimes cost a little more money - but it can save your sanity.

Linda from Georgia said...

I was so hacked at the teens when I made a very special Rice Krispy treat with chocolate frosting (not out of a can) and the kids ate Oreos I had bought as a standy-by in case the other "home baked" goodies didn't arrive (which they didn't).

Jazmin said...

I enjoy reading your posts about christmas and gifts. I am 13 and I live in Canada. Your ideas about different ways to bring joy into household are great! I like the idea of coupons and I think that someday when I have kids I will use that! My mom did something for her parents when she was younger and they found them last year. Yes, gifts is a big part of Christmas, but for me it is more about family. Spending more time togeather, and simple acts of kindness. I would enjoy to see a pot about that! Your writing is great!

Jennifer McCluskey said...

Thank you, Jazmin! I wish I had been as eloquent as you at 13! Thank you for your thoughts and wisdom for the holidays!